Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wow! $1500 Matching Grant for Karina!

Karina,  the little girl with Crouzon's syndrome that I posted about recently, has a $1500 matching grant!   

 Reposting here from No More Leftovers:  (and enjoying the Canadian "OU" where we  just have "O" in the US)


It is with extreme excitement that I can share with you that due to donors who wish to remain anonymous I can announce that there is now a $1500 matching grant available for my princess Karina.

Karina is a 2.5 year old little girl. She has Crouzon syndrome, skeletal abnormalities, a heart condition, cleft hard palate and other medical conditions ( I will update you with more about her medical status if and when it becomes available).
She needs our help. Her health is fragile. She desperately needs a family. If we can meet this matching grant she will have enough money in her fund to move to the "Sizable Grants" page on Reece's Rainbow.

Here is how this will work. If you want to help go to this link and click donate. The payment will be processed through paypal but you don't need an account to give.

Or you can write a cheque with "Karina December 2009" on the memo line to:
Reece's Rainbow
PO Box 4024
Gaithersburg, MD 20885

When you write a cheque Reece's Rainbow doesn't have to pay the pay pal fees so more money goes to Karina!

All donations are tax deductible for Canadians and Americans. 

As of today her grant has $537.03. If her grant climbs $1500 by Labour Day (September 3) she will receive an additional $1500 from generous donors!   

So the magic number is $2037.03

If we can hit this by Labour Day  $1500 more will be added to her grant and she will have $3537.03 !! 

I KNOW if we all work together we can make this happen. God is moving for Karina! Please pray for donors to come forward. Share on facebook. Donate. Do a garage or bake sale or just sell something on Craigslist. 

Do you see the words on her pajama? "My Daddy Rocks".  Can we please act quickly to hit this magic number of $2037.03 so that we can get her a that much closer to finding a Daddy (and a Mommy too!)?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday - Alexander 13G

Alexander G. 13G


Guardian Angel

№ zot3-13G
Boy, born April 2002
Eyes: Brown
Hair: blond
Character: active, sociable

UPDATE FEB 2012:  Alexander’s brain tumor has caused vision damage now, and he is due to be treated again soon.  The doctors there do not expect him to survive  :(    Only God knows the plan for Alexander, but my goodness, the medical opportunity he has for survival here in the US is so much higher.  Hope someone will give him the chance to know that he mattered, even if only for a little while.
From a missionary who visited with him:  “I would say his personality seemed happy, cheerful and sociable from the little contact I had with him.  I did send an email to my friends that worked with his group to get their opinion since they spent several hours with him for a week.  I know he has a brain tumor that is supposedly treatable in the U.S., but the treatment is expected to be lengthy.  He has been treated some in Russia and was in the hospital in the spring for more treatment.   He’s a very lovable kid and very smart.  He remembers people and things that they say and he is very in tune with how sick he is.  He understands and comprehends a lot for his age.  He loves to dance and get one on one attention (what kid doesn’t?)  He’s sensitive and his feelings get hurt easily.    Sasha is concerned about others.  He always asks how you or someone in the group is doing.  He is very outgoing, not shy at all.  He loves to sing songs and recite poems for you, and he knows so many!   Sasha loves individual attention.  You are special to him and he wants to feel that he is special to you also.   Simply put, he is a loving little boy who is such a pleasure to spend time with.   One more thing:  I have lots of pictures of Sasha and some videos of him singing and reciting poems. It would be SO WONDERFUL if he could get adopted and get proper treatment in the USA.

$100.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday - Dmitry

Dmitry H. 25C

Such a handsome boy!

Boy, born November 2004
Eyes: Gray
Hair: blond
Character: quiet, affectionate boy, easily comes into contact with adults and children. Interested in classes, complete instructions after the joint action.  Considered higher functioning and doing well!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012



It is high time that I write again about my prayer warrior child, Karina.  I was going to do a big write-up in July, when she was to be the sponsored child on Ten for Orphans, but they have decided  to focus on fundraising for families that are adopting, rather than for children that do not yet have a family, so that opportunity has gone away.  I'm rather disappointed, I must confess, as the kids so far on Ten for Orphans have all accrued around $1500 or more, so she would have been close to getting the moving mountains page by the end of July. She only has a little over $500 now.  But that's OK -I'm betting we can still get her there, even if it takes a bit longer.  I'm giving some thought to fund raising -  more about that when & if I figure anything out.

I don't know exactly how long Karina has been listed on Reece's Rainbow - she was there in early 2011, then was de-listed in June of that year due to changes in the adoption laws in her country, and was re-listed again this past March.  This newer photo of her (the lower one) is from before she was unlisted, so it is about a year old.  She would be about 18 months old in that picture, and is 2-1/2 now (born Dec 2009).  I do find it interesting that she is in the same chair in both pictures - evidently it is "her" chair.  It makes it obvious how much she has grown from one picture to the next.

Karina has Crouzon syndrome, a cranio-facial disorder somewhat similar to Apert syndrome (there are several children on Reece's Rainbow with Apert syndrome). This accounts for the unusual shape of her head, eyes and hands.  One of the chief problems with Crouzon syndrome is that the joints in the skull fuse prematurely.  If this is surgically corrected early in life, people with Crouzon syndrome are cognitively normal and should have a normal  lifespan.   If not corrected, of course, it can result in brain damage and premature death.  The medical info on her Reece's Rainbow page also indicates that she has hydrocephalus, but that was shown there before the updated diagnosis of Crouzon's was added, so I'm not sure if she actually does have hydrocephalus, or if that is outdated info.  The "UPU, LLC" as far as I know has to do with her cleft palate - I think it is one of those cases where the medical info does not translate well.   And some type of heart defect as well.  KARINA REALLY NEEDS A FAMILY!  The medical info is pretty scary, so it will take a really special family to commit to her.  I know they are out there though!

 I wish I was one of those eloquent people that can really speak to their readers and and make them head straight for the donate and share buttons, but unfortunately I am not.  So please let her face speak to you instead, even if it is not beautiful in a conventional sense, and help get the word out that this precious soul is waiting to be found.

Teamwork Tuesday - Brett

Brett #19-1

Another one of the older boys...

Boy, Born August 23, 2001
Diagnosis: Down Syndrome, Severe lagging behind in his development, Alopetio areata.  The photo was takenon May 2009.   This child had a rough start in his life.   Immediately after giving birth to him in the open country she abandoned him on the field.  He was found and taken to the hospital.   His condition was poor but the doctors saved his life.

$102.70 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Donations are tax deductible.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Reposting - Racing for Orphans video

I'm reposting this - please share the video & vote for it - a great opportunity for publicity for Reece's Rainbow.

 Racing for Orphans with Down Syndrome

My family and I have loved being able to work on behalf of the children on Reece's Rainbow since finding this great organization.  It's for this reason that I had a hard time sleeping because of the excitement after hearing about this announcement!

Two months ago, Ironman announced a contest called Kona Inspired.  How it works is they have given the general public an opportunity to submit a 90 second video based around the theme, "Anything is Possible".  Winners receive a spot to race in the Ironman World Championship in October, but most importantly, they will race as a media athlete and have the opportunity to share their story on NBC's nationally televised broadcast of the championship this year!  THIS COULD BE OUR OPPORTUNITY TO SHARE THESE PRECIOUS CHILDREN'S STORY WITH THE WORLD!!!

After reading Ironman's press release we immediately went to work.  This is an opportunity to help these children in a way that I never imagined possible!  The video came together with the help of many wonderful people and we submitted it.  105 videos were submitted.  After over a month long preliminary public voting, we just received word that we are one of the top 15 videos and will compete in the final round of voting June 4 - June 18!!!

Please take a moment to WATCH, VOTE, and SHARE our video as much as possible throughout the day from your home computer, work computer, laptop, phone, etc!  We need to be in the top 2 videos at the end of the day on June 18. 


Thank you for your time and willingness to make the dream of these orphans of finding their forever family a reality!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday - Benji


Boy, Born September 2005
ABITaiPan–Premature, Speech Delay

Health Condition: Benji was born prematurely at 30 weeks gestation. His birth mother is an AIDS carrier and a drug abuser. Tests have shown that Benji  does not have HIV/AIDS, even though his birth mother does. He suffered from Staphylococcus aureus infection and Retinal Detachment. He received laser treatment and a follow-up examination showed normal results. Benji  was diagnosed with speech developmental delay when he moved to the third foster family.   As of August 2007, he began receiving speech therapy and cognitive therapy weekly. After two years, his developmental assessment revealed that he could attend kindergarten and did not need extra training since.

Benji needs a permanent family, so he can begin to trust and love.
  • Full medical and social info available
  • EASY travel (both parents for 4-7 days)
  • Relatively low cost
  • No more than 5 children at home
  • Married couples only, must be married 5 years
  • Parents should be 30-50 years of age and in good health
$27.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Shout out for Sabin

 Jenny over at Zeroes the zeroes has issued a challenge for folks to find a child on Reece's Rainbow that they have never noticed before, and shout for them.  That is kind of a coincidence, because I just noticed this boy last night, and was wondering about him - I do not not recognize his name or the photo, he has no money in his grant, but he is not under "newly listed" either.  Perhaps he was one of the "additional children" that has now has his own donate button?

I first thought he was quite a bit older than he was, because he looks sort of thin & serious (even though he is smiling), but he is only 7 - a month younger than my first grader. 


Boy, born October 2004
HIV-infection, IV clinical stage, no signs of AIDS, biochemistry test is good; congenital hydrocephaly (shunting); myatonia disorders; disco-visual nerve subatrophy; myelinic cone fibers; hypertrophy of palatine tonsils; two anomalous chords of ventricle; biliary dyskinesia; slight mental delay with minimal behavioral disorders, night enuresis, organic emotional instable disorders. Probable FAS.
He is said to be very careful and orderly, so he is probably a kid who does very well with routines and structure.  He is also described as very helpful.

$0.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Donations are tax deductible.