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It is high time that I write again about my prayer warrior child, Karina.  I was going to do a big write-up in July, when she was to be the sponsored child on Ten for Orphans, but they have decided  to focus on fundraising for families that are adopting, rather than for children that do not yet have a family, so that opportunity has gone away.  I'm rather disappointed, I must confess, as the kids so far on Ten for Orphans have all accrued around $1500 or more, so she would have been close to getting the moving mountains page by the end of July. She only has a little over $500 now.  But that's OK -I'm betting we can still get her there, even if it takes a bit longer.  I'm giving some thought to fund raising -  more about that when & if I figure anything out.

I don't know exactly how long Karina has been listed on Reece's Rainbow - she was there in early 2011, then was de-listed in June of that year due to changes in the adoption laws in her country, and was re-listed again this past March.  This newer photo of her (the lower one) is from before she was unlisted, so it is about a year old.  She would be about 18 months old in that picture, and is 2-1/2 now (born Dec 2009).  I do find it interesting that she is in the same chair in both pictures - evidently it is "her" chair.  It makes it obvious how much she has grown from one picture to the next.

Karina has Crouzon syndrome, a cranio-facial disorder somewhat similar to Apert syndrome (there are several children on Reece's Rainbow with Apert syndrome). This accounts for the unusual shape of her head, eyes and hands.  One of the chief problems with Crouzon syndrome is that the joints in the skull fuse prematurely.  If this is surgically corrected early in life, people with Crouzon syndrome are cognitively normal and should have a normal  lifespan.   If not corrected, of course, it can result in brain damage and premature death.  The medical info on her Reece's Rainbow page also indicates that she has hydrocephalus, but that was shown there before the updated diagnosis of Crouzon's was added, so I'm not sure if she actually does have hydrocephalus, or if that is outdated info.  The "UPU, LLC" as far as I know has to do with her cleft palate - I think it is one of those cases where the medical info does not translate well.   And some type of heart defect as well.  KARINA REALLY NEEDS A FAMILY!  The medical info is pretty scary, so it will take a really special family to commit to her.  I know they are out there though!

 I wish I was one of those eloquent people that can really speak to their readers and and make them head straight for the donate and share buttons, but unfortunately I am not.  So please let her face speak to you instead, even if it is not beautiful in a conventional sense, and help get the word out that this precious soul is waiting to be found.

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